" Your Path to Full Time
Coaching Freedom "

(There is No One Size Fits All Solution...But there IS a way to Model What’s Working Now - and Put it to Work for You)

Dear coaching journeyer, it’s time for you to escape the coaching wilderness...and join the circle of coaches who are making this coaching gig really work.

Life coaching sounds like pretty much the best career in the world - right? You take what you already know and build a business that pays you handsomely for it.

No long years of college or education.

No fancy degrees.

No “paying your dues”.

You finally get to say good-bye to your stuffy boss and your J.O.B. and start moving towards the life transforming work you’ve always dreamed about. Well, I’m here to tell you that all that is true - and quite possible. But there’s a catch. Here’s what you won’t hear from most coach trainers.... After teaching and working with hundreds of coaches I know there’s one factor that separates the coaches who succeed right out of the gate - and the ones who struggle.

It’s this: coaches who have rapid success don’t try and ‘go it alone.’

I’ve seen it many times. Beginning coaches are inspired. They have the raw energy that comes from finding their true calling.

They work hard, they’re dedicated - but they struggle to get traction. And it’s because they’re coaching on an ad hoc basis - reinventing each time they do things. They’re never really sure of the best way to proceed with building up their practice.

So instead of following proven coaching systems, they try a lot of different approaches - and end up wasting a lot of time and energy. While the coaches who simply follow what’s working are more smoothly growing a highly profitable coaching practice.

Here’s what those ‘ad hoc’ coaches are missing: Real Life Success Models.

At different parts of your coaching journey you’ll have different challenges. Sometimes it’ll be choosing the right niche & clients. Other times it’ll be managing your time & energy. Still other times you’ll need help finding more clients so you can grow your business.

For each of these challenges there are coaches who’ve already figured out a solution. All you need to do is find out what that solution is.

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel - and every reason to learn and replicate what coaches before you have already done. Many, many people have trod the path before you that leads to coaching business success. All you need to do is find those people and learn from them.

“A smart person learns from their mistakes. A wise one learns from the mistakes of others.” - Anonymous When you find out what other coaches have done and model their success, the path becomes easy. As you get to each challenge you’ll recognise it. And you’ll know exactly what steps to take next.

In the old days, people learning a skill would apprentice to a master for 5-10 years before venturing out on their own.

The old masters recognised that the path to mastering any skill is not always easy and straight forward. Learning from someone who has already gone there is the fastest and safest way to make that journey.

Nowadays the apprentice model is all but extinct. But the fact has not changed - building a viable coaching business means facing and overcoming many different challenges.

And modelling success is still the fastest way to get you where you want to go.

So how do you find the coaches to learn from? Where do you meet and question the coaches who can show you how to create your successful coaching practice?

It was this very question that lead Sharon & I to create a NEW coaching club. We saw how many coaches gave up just before they were about to succeed - because they felt like they were a single voice alone in the wilderness.

No one succeeds in isolation, and we knew there had to be a better way to get coaches the help they needed at each critical part of their journey.

So we created a place for you to find the coaches you’d need to model - to get past your next coaching challenge - without needing to even leave your home.

This coaching place is called the Success Interview Club..

It works like this:

Each month, we interview a successful coach who has built a thriving practice. These are exclusive interviews - you won’t find them anywhere else on the net.

And these aren’t the ‘internet celebrity’ coaches who have a team of people doing their marketing and press releases. These are bona fide coaches, earning an income, who built their business from scratch - often bootstrapping from their kitchen table. They used their ingenuity and passion to create a real coaching businesses. And you can discover how they did it.

In each interview we find out for you their secret to success. We uncover the One Thing that made the biggest difference for THEM. And we know - based on talking to hundreds of coaches - that while each coach may face slightly different problems, there are patterns of success everyone can model.

There’s a saying in coaching: ‘Success Leaves Clues.’

Well, once you enter the real world of coaching, you’re going to need to find and follow those clues to build the practice you’ve dreamt of.

And if you’re spending all your time looking for clients and practicing your coaching techniques, how are you going to find these successful coaches to model?

Simple: you join the club and instantly have a team of dedicated professionals doing that for you.

Sharon and I now have access to an amazing network of coaches. In the Success Interview Club we dig into the challenges they had to overcome to get to where they are now. And we reveal the exact steps they took.

Sharon and I now have access to an amazing network of coaches. And we’ve both done huge interview and research projects for fortune 500 companies. So we know how to get to the really good material when we interview coaches.

Here's just some of our research clients...

Believe me, it’s MUCH easier to find out how other people solved a coaching problem - and then just replicate that.

What’s the alternative?

Every time a new problem crops up in your practice (and we can guarantee you’ll have one every other week) you have to go back to the drawing board. You’ll need to down tools and invent a solution which may or may not work. Then you get to test it out - and hope.

If you’re like most coaches, this takes energy - and a lot of time. When you model what successful coaches are already doing, you cut years off your learning curve.

For some coaches, it may even be the difference between whether they make it as a full time coach - or end up going back to their day job. (Or end up stuck in a ‘part time’ coaching business that’s just scraping by - for years.)

When you join the club, each month you’re adding to your library of success models. And over time, as your library grows richer, these success models - applied correctly - become what separates the coaches who succeed - and the ones who continue to struggle.

Here’s what our club members do when they come up against a problem that’s new for them. First, they recognise the problem.

Then they log into the club and check their library of success models to see what someone already did to solve the problem. Then they go and just do that.


Problem solved.

Grow Your Network

The smartest coaches we know ascribe to this formula - Your Network is Your Net Worth.

When you have a strong network of other coaches who are also successful - many things become possible. Opportunities you would never have imagined present themselves.

A strong network is also essential if you want a long career in coaching. The hard thing is getting it started - when you’re also getting started.

Here’s where we can help. The coaches you’re going to hear interviewed are looking to expand their network. They’re open and willing to hear from you.

After listening to the interview - you’ll hear almost every coach telling you how to get in touch with them. So when you join the club you’ll have an instant ‘in’ to grow the most important network you’ll ever have - the network of coaches who have real businesses and are generous with their knowledge.

This is the hidden gold in the club - you just have to reach out to the coaches to get it.

And when it comes to the big questions - like what kind of coaching are you going to offer? What makes your services unique? Who are your ideal clients? There’s something you need to know:

Every Coach has their ‘Secret Sauce.’

You need to develop yours - but first you need to discover what’s on the menu. As you listen to the interviews inside the club, you’ll discover the ‘secret sauce’ of many different coaches.

Some of them will be very similar to you. And what they do - their ‘flavor’ of coaching - will be a great fit for you.

There is no one path to a thriving coaching practice. But there is a path that will be best for you.

Find YOUR Flavor of Coaching
(...and why this will make building your business 10x easier)

Inside the club, you’ll hear from many types of coaches. You’ll learn about the niches they’ve chosen (or invented.)

Here’s just a sample of the coaches you’ll hear from:.

  • Spiritual coaches
  • Weight Loss Coaches
  • Executive Coaches
  • Relationship Coaches
  • Youth Coaches
  • Abundance Coaches
  • And so many more…

The thing is - when you pick the niche that’s just right for you - you’ll automatically attract the clients who are also just right for you.

And (almost like magic) you’ll find your job as a coach goes from challenging - to infinitely rewarding. Finding your place in the coaching universe right is THAT important.

These many flavors of coaching you’ll discover are not theory or speculation – they’re real world niches that coaches are in right now with successful practices.

Give Your ‘Success Models’ Library a Boost with Our New Members Bonus

As you’re growing as a coach, you’ll want to keep adding to your ‘success models’ library. Over time you’ll find it’ll become one of your most valuable assets - something to refer back to each time life throws your coaching business a curve ball.

That’s why we have a special bonus offer when you join the Club - something to kickstart the growth of your success models library.

When you first join, you’ll get 5 Bonus Interviews - all from exceptionally interesting and inspiring coaches.

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll find out:

  • Discover ‘Heart Centered Listening’: one of the most powerful ways truly bond with your client (while reducing your own anxiety)...
  • Three FABULOUS PRE-SCREENING QUESTIONS to find the best clients…(and prime them to work well with you once they come on board)…
  • How two small—but powerful!—words will produce paradigm shifts for both you and your clients …
  • Coaching in isolation can be a killer. Your support system is your lifeline, but only if you do it right. Here's how to build a coaching network (without feeling drained or stimulating unnecessary competitive feelings)…
  • "From Free to Fee": discover easy fee structures successful coaches have already tested and implemented. (Make charging for your services stress free)…
  • Positioning your coaching in that ‘sweet spot’ will not only attract the perfect clients, but you’ll be able to give them exactly what they want. (Discover the piece to getting this right most coaches miss)...
  • There are three elements of abundance you absolutely must understand as a coach. (We all give lip service to adopting an abundant mindset for ourselves—but what does that actually mean and how do you do it?)…
  • How making your clients uncomfortable can generate massive referrals AND prevent burnout! (It sounds counterintuitive - but it really works)…
  • Clients will reveal something in the first session which you MUST capture in order to get results going forward. (This is truly an opportunity that won’t come again - you need to know how to spot this vital information when it appears)…
  • Avoid the most common reason for coaching burnout. (With a brilliant solution that additionally refines your coaching skills)…
  • The power of storytelling in your coaching (and how you can use this to help clients choose their path without hesitation)....

These bonus interviews will accelerate you on the path to your own full time coaching career.

And inside the club you’ll discover all of the different ways that you can not only get started, but keep yourself booked with clients. Our aim is to get you that most coveted of coaching positions - a long client waiting list.

Which Path Do You Want To Take?

There are two ways before you now: You can choose the fast way...or the slow way. The slow way means repeating the same mistakes other coaches have already made - sometimes for YEARS (or forever.)

Or...you can choose the fast way. Shortcut the process. Learn from other’s mistakes (rather than your own) and choose the coaching path that best suits your unique skills and strengths.

When it really works, being a coach is the best job in the world. There’s nothing to compare with watching your clients leave a coaching session with a big smile on their faces and a light in their eyes.

The thing most people gloss over though - is that it takes a lot of groundwork to get to that stage. That’s where learning from the coaches who have gone before you can dramatically shorten the path to true, lasting, coaching success.

Start Adding To Your Coaching Toolkit Today

Here’s the two options you have today:

  • You can get just the bonus interviews today as a one off sale..
  • Or - you can get these 5 interviews free when you try out the club.

The Success Interview Club is just $17/month (and of course you’re free cancel at any time - we’ll still be friends :)

As the name suggests - when you sign up for this club - you get an interview with a real life successful coach every month to add to your ‘success models’ library. There’s literally nowhere else you can find these exclusive interviews.

When you join the club you're taking care of your continuing coaching education - for less than the cost of one coffee a week. And your clients get to benefit as you perfect your skills - selecting just the right coaching model for any situation.

The ‘Success Interview Club’ will not be staying at this price forever though. As we add more interviews each month it will become more

and more valuable - and cost more for new members. So lock in this entry price today - before it goes up - and you're left wishing you hadn't delayed.

If you're still on the fence about whether this product is for you, just remember - all our products are protected by a 60 day full money back guarantee. So you have 60 full days to try the technique out with your clients, see how it works, and you're not completely satisfied, just contact us for a full and courteous refund.